NYACT - NYSSIU Joint Webinar Series #2 - Discovering Mobile Data

May 21, 2019
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
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2019 Webinar Series - #2 
Tuesday, May 21 from 1:00PM - 2:00PM ET

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Discovering Mobile Data

Presenter: Joe Stephenson, Director of Digital Intelligence Solutions for INTERTEL, Inc. 

Join NYACT and NYSSIU for the 2nd of the 2019 Webinar Series.  This webinar will allow you to ask questions and get answers, and engage in discussion and learn relevant, timely information.

How many of you spend an entire day away from your phone? Do you panic when you can’t find it? It’s likely one of the top things you make sure you have before you leave the house, right? So why is it that as investigators, we don’t ask people to see their phones during interviews? Much like your own insurance policy, I bet you’ve never taken the time to look through it to understand what’s there.  But don’t worry, you are about to. A mobile phone is a plethora of information, containing all kinds of data on where you’ve been, what you’ve purchased, and how you communicate (which isn’t always by standard text and phone calls). This presentation will show you how to find important data on a mobile device, from location information to search histories, to receipts.  We will also discuss privacy issues and why just looking at someone’s apps alone could redefine the questions you ask in an interview.

Joe Stephenson, CIFI, CSMIE, is the Director of Digital Intelligence Solutions for INTERTEL, Inc. and an internationally recognized expert in the field of Social Media and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).  With over 30 years’ of investigative experience in both the private and public sectors, Joe spearheads the development of innovative products for fraud detection and analytics, particularly those that draw from Social Media, Deep Web, and IoT data. Joe is currently the 3rd VP for the Northeast Chapter of IAATI, and a former Board of Director for IASIU, and past President of the New England Chapter IASIU.  He is a regular contributor to SIU Today and the AFA newsletter, where he discusses practical online techniques investigators can use in their day to day investigations. You are encouraged to connect with Joe via LinkedIn, and as always, never hesitate to reach out to him with questions you may have at jstephenson@intertelgo.com.

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