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For the Complete Story, visit A.G. Underwood Announces Felony Convictions Of Manhattan Man For Two Identity Theft Schemes

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Preventing Car Jacking

Preventing Car Jacking Never leave your car running and unattended. Never leave your child alone in the vehicle with it running. Always be aware of your surroundings. Leave several car lengths between your car and the car in front of you. Drive in the center lane, not near the curb. When s...

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Car Safety: Towing

Basic Tips About Private Towing Companies Use Only Licensed Tow Companies. Check with the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) to make sure a tower is licensed. Call (212) 487-4075. Before you allow a private tow truck to hook your car, look for the DCA license medallion - a small red plate on the...

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Preventing Car Theft

When you park, close all windows, lock all doors and take the keys with you. Thieves need less than 30 seconds to steal most cars. Hide valuables out of site Thieves are attracted not only to your car, but also to the contents within. Thieves will often smash a window just to steal a camera, stereo ...

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Protecting Yourself Against Identity & Credit Card Theft

What to Do if You Become a Victim or Potential Victim TIPS ON PREVENTION: Monitor Your Credit Card & Social Security Activity: 1. Monitor your credit report. Order a copy of your credit report from the three major credit reporting bureaus (see "useful contacts" below) at least once a year to e...

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